About Our Products

At LCG Foods, we distribute health and specialty products not found in large grocery chains.

Why does it matter?

With an increasingly competitive health products market – more than ever, customers need to know, “What Makes Your Store Special?”.

Do your customers frequently start conversations with, “how much do you sell this for?” If so, it might be because you’re stocking a lot of widely available products and they’re primarily interested in determining if you are willing to sell for less.

Most importantly, unique and interesting products create a reason for customers to shop at your store, rather than someone else’s. At LCG Foods, our products help your business stand out.

Our mission is to source, formulate, or manufacture unique products which help YOUR store make a strong, enduring statement:

“My Store is Special. We have something compelling to offer.
You will find items better than what you’re used to getting, and
everytime you come – you WILL find something new!”

We only seek long term partnerships with our clients.

Right for my business? Our products are found in health and nutrition/supplement stores, natural food stores, weight loss centers, boutique groceries, independent pharmacies, and fine food stores. If you are a interested in carrying our products, contact us for more information.