Stand Out

With an increasingly competitive natural foods market, customers need to know, “What Makes Your Store Special?

Product Differentiation

At LCG Foods Distribution, we help you differentiate on product. Unique and interesting products create a reason for customers to shop at your store, rather than someone else’s. Highly differentiated products and brands that are not available everywhere, are less subject to price competition. Customers who value highly differentiated products are more loyal shoppers and can become advocates for you.

Price Competition

We use an everyday low pricing structure with occasional manufacturer-supported promotions. For distributors who move the bulk of their volume through mass grocery, it is advantageous to set a high everyday price with case stack deals to bring the price down for large stores (e.g. $5 regular price, $4 on orders of 10+ cases).

Because we recognize that our core customers are independent retailers who are often limited in the amount of case-stacks they can purchase, we set everyday prices that are fair for all stores (e.g. $4 regular price). This allows you to be competitive on price, for the segment of your customers who are value-conscious. We only succeed when our retailers sell out and place reorders, not by making a large margin on an opening order.

The LCG Foods Guarantee

Give us 30 minutes of your time over the phone to learn about your store, and we will put together a $400 order that we guarantee will sell through.

Right for My Business?

If you’re like us, you:

  • Take a special interest in quality and wholesome ingredients
  • Favour products without artificial ingredients and preservatives
  • Learn about the producer behind the products
  • Care about how and where products are produced
  • Focus on customers who also share the same values

We only seek long term partnerships with our clients. To learn more, please check out our catalog and the stories behind our brands. Contact us today to set up an account – it only takes one minute!