Well, you found this page. 

The only way you would have found it is if you read my email - so thank you for continuing to engage with me.

In my email, I postulated:
  • While many have made their initial stock up of essentials (toilet paper, anyone?) - Panic buying combined with supply shortages means they've missed a few items and still need to go back to the grocery to "close gaps" in their shopping list.
  • Concerns will shift from "making sure I have food, can feed my family, & wipe bums" to "making sure we are getting enough fibre, nutrients, and healthy options"

Here are products we recommend for customers during our time of shelter-in-place and work-from-home. 

The main drivers for these recommendations are:

  • A focus on dried fruits - they are in high demand during this time and major shortages are seen (at time of writing) on amazon.ca, for example
  • Nutrient dense foods with long shelf life
  • Protein rich foods that are hard to prepare (much more convenient as a snack)
  • As usual, products not found in "regular" grocery stores

Some of these products have promotions videos. We can edit the beginning and end of each video so that you can use them on your own social media channels/marketing.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.- Paul


Nutritious, Shelf-Stable Foods