If you've set up a wholesale account with us, we're happy to take your order in any one of the following ways:

1. Online (fastest and most accurate)
Simply log in and place your order. You'll be able to see what products are on promotion, their case quantities, and their current pricing. Our website displays images of each product, their attributes, ingredients, and for most products, their nutrition facts.

2. Phone
Give us a call and our team will be happy to enter your order manually. We recommend this option when you have questions before listing a new product.

3. Email
We can manually enter orders sent to us by email. Including item numbers and line totals is the best way to ensure correct item and quantity entry.

4. Fax
You may also fax orders. As with most paper-based processes, expect order turnaround to be longest compared to other methods. We strongly encourage online ordering or sending your purchase orders by email.


Price Lists
If you like having an electronic price list for quick reference, simply reach out to our sales team, and we'll be happy to send you the latest version. Since we add new products several times per month, price lists become out of date fairly quickly. Upcoming price changes are communicated on our weekly email newsletters.

You can see what's on promotion here. Advance notice of next month's promotions is communicated on our weekly email newsletters.

New Product Launches
You can see what's new here. Advance notice of next month's promotions is communicated on our weekly email newsletters.

Weekly Email Newsletters
By default, if you have an account, you should be subscribed to receive our email newsletters. If you haven't been receiving them, chances are one of the following events have occurred:
1. Emails have been suppressed because you haven't opened our emails in a while. To start receiving emails again, simply open the last few newsletters you received and click a few links inside.
2. Our emails are going to your junk or spam folder. To start receiving emails into your inbox again, click on any newsletter and mark the sender as "safe" and/or "not junk".
3. You've previously unsubscribed from our newsletters. To resolve this, you'll need to open any previous newsletter, scroll to the bottom, click "manage preferences" and change your subscription settings.