So low in Calories… It’s a Miracle!

Fast Facts
Origin: Los Angeles, CA
Key Ingredient: Glucomannan

Six Questions with Jonathan Carp, MD

  1. Why did you start your company?

As a physician, I recognized the health benefits and wanted to share these with people to give them an easy way to avoid white flour but still enjoy the comfort food experience of pasta.

  1. Who is your target customer?

Pasta and Noodle Fans looking for a healthy low carb alternative to pasta.

  1. What is unique to your line?

Being a physician guides my decisions about ingredients. So many times, businesses make compromises about ingredients, I design them so that they are healthy and stick to time honored principles of nutrition. If it wasn’t something that was eaten 100 years ago, we avoid it.

  1. What is the best way/time/place to eat your product?

Whenever you need a noodle fix!

  1. What your favourite feedback you’ve gotten about your product?

Letters from grateful Italian diabetics who can finally enjoy pasta again!!

  1. What else would you like to add?

We are a family business with the whole family involved and we our very proud of our quality and the principles we stand behind.