Fast Facts
Origin: Vancouver, BC.
Key Ingredient: Organic Coconut Sugar.

After working together as consultants on another food project, Sherlock Lim and Barb Beaton started to explore the possibilities of creating a line of functional foods.  Based on Sherlock’s experience in the nutraceutical industry and Barb’s background in packaged foods, ONEearth stated in the test kitchen of a neighbouring local food producer with a batch of cornbread and sweet potato muffins.

After almost eight months of intensive R & D efforts, ONEearth Functional Foods was launched with four items:  Creole Cornbread with Kelp based on Barb’s aunts recipe, Chai Chia Coconut Cookie Mix, Quinoa Crunch Chocolate Square Mix, and Sweet Potato Cinnamon Muffin Mix.

The goal of all ONEearth products is to taste good, to be easy to prepare for busy households and to be a healthier version of traditional baking favourites.  The decision to use organic Coconut Sugar as a sweetener in many of the ONEearth products was a direct result of Barb’s curiosity about this alternative sugar and from Sherlock’s childhood in the Philippines where coconut sugar has been used for “centuries”.

ONEearth is an active supporter of the New Stride Thoroughbred Adoption Society that gives ex-race horses a chance at a second career and a forever home.  Barb has been actively involved in the equestrian industry for many years; the team at ONEearth spends dedicated time each September in preparation for the Shed Row Market fund raiser for New Stride that is held each October.  Sherlock hikes and knows the various trails along the dike system in Richmond to balance his busy work hours with ONEearth.