Vinegar-Free Hot Pepper Coulis

Fast Facts
Origin: Montreal, Quebec
Key Ingredient: Hot Peppers… Poblano, Jalapeno, Serrano, Habanero, Ghost, Carolina Reaper

Sinai Gourmet was founded in 2011 with a single idea in mind: to make the freshest possible hot sauce using only premium ingredients. Why fresh tasting hot sauce? Well, that idea came while sitting in a high end restaurant. In that restaurant, Laurence ordered a premium meal and after putting Tabasco all over it, realised the flavours of the meal had taken a back stage to the hot sauce – in particular, the overwhelming taste of vinegar. A shame for such a gorgeous plate the chef had painstakingly crafted. If there existed a hot sauce that could be paired with the best recipes and ingredients without dominating them, the world would simply be a better place!

Mission: To create a line of products that bring us back to our roots of what food use to be. Some people call that All Natural, some people call that Paleo, we just call that sensible good eating.
Philosophy: Sinai Gourmet believes in selecting only premium high quality ingredients and creating simple-stupid products. What does that mean? That means that everything in the ingredient deck is easy to understand and that you can easily spell everything in the product without using an encyclopedia!
Goal: To make your meals taste better whether you are eating super clean, shedding for a competition, or just looking to wow some palates!

The name Sinai comes from the desert peninsula in Egypt where the mountain Moses got the Ten Commandments. Laurence chose this name because having visited it in his youth he was struck by the beauty of the desert even in the searing heat. So what a better name for a beautifully tasting hot sauce than a peninsula that shares that same combination of temperature and aesthetics.

Sinai Gourmet’s logo is simple once understood. It is the circle of the sun on the triangle that is the Sinai Peninsula. Representing the sun shining its warmth and light on the land, the logo signifies nature, health, the cycles of growing crop, and the simplicity of sticking to things as Mother Nature intended.

There is nothing wrong with vinegar in itself. It is an age old preservative used by countless generations to preserve leftover crops and sanitize our environment. It has its purpose in our kitchens. However, in the same way you put cucumbers (vinegar-free) and not pickles (vinegar) on your salad, sometimes it just isn’t necessary to add vinegar. So if you want to eat premium stuff – a good ribeye, a fresh piece of salmon, scallops, your grandmother’s signature spaghetti sauce – you now have an option of hot sauce that blends in and enhances rather than overtaking and changing.