Reduce the sugar – keep the sweet taste!

Fast Facts
Origin: Burnaby, British Columbia
Key Ingredients: Monk Fruit

Six Questions with Lily

  1. Why did you create SugarLike?

Auntie was a positive influence on our family.  She went out of her way to bring joy and pleasure to little ones.  When we wanted to give back to her, in her later years, we could not.  Because of diabetes.  She was gone too soon.

That is what prompted our founder to start NutraEx Food.  Give people a chance to eat healthy, sweet foods. And avoid those devastating diseases like diabetes.

We develop custom sweetener formulations for various applications. We use only natural ingredients, which contribute sweetness but not the calories. You can insist on healthy foods, with little or no sugar and still enjoy the sweet tasting food we all crave.

  1. Who is your target customer?

Basically diabetes, prediabetes, obesity and any health-conscious people are the target consumers. However, we found people who are buying Sugarlike are mature ladies (25 years-old or above), families with kids, and seniors.

  1. What is unique to your line?

 Made with our unique encapsulation so it tastes bright like sugar with no off-taste.
No sugar, No calories, No Glycemic Index. Many sugar substitutes on the market are sugar-free, but NOT calorie-free or Glycemic Index-free.

Per 2 teaspoon sugar SugarLike® Sugar Splenda® Equal® Sweet’n Low®
Calories 0 32 0 0 0
Net Carbohydrate 0g 8g 1g 1g 1g
Glycemic Index 0 70 80 80 80
Natural/Chemical Natural Natural Chemical Chemical Chemical
  1. How many times did you try your formula before being happy with it?

Hundreds of times.

  1. What is the best way to eat your product?

Anywhere cane sugar or other sweeteners are applied.

  1. What your favourite feedback you’ve gotten about your product?

Wow! Taste great!