A-Sha Sesame-Almond Seaweed Sandwich - Original [SINGLE]
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#01366x13g - Original
#01386x13g - Spicy

Why we love this product

Considered one of nature's wonder foods, seaweed is nutritionally dense and an abundant source of minerals and vitamins. A-Sha has created a convenient all-natural seaweed snack by sandwiching puffed black rice, toasted almonds, and roasted sesame seeds around crispy layers of seaweed. Delicious and wholesome!

What makes it different 

All-natural with no added chemicals, these snacks are a great, low calorie option on the go.  

Product Description  

  • No MSG
  • No chemical additives
  • Vegetarian
  • Convenient snack size
  • Completely air-dried
  • Award winning