Canadian Naturals Chaga Mushroom Chunks
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Why we love Nutridom Chaga Mushroom Chunks

The immune system classifies Chaga as an adaptogenic Biological Response Modifier (BRM); this wholesale natural health product not only it stimulates the body’s immune function when necessary but can also slow it down when it’s overactive.

What makes Nutridom Chaga Mushroom Chunks different

The beta-glucans is widely known to be responsible for the adaptogenic action, but many researchers believe it is actually the synergy between several, if not all constituents that are responsible for this. Because of this property, Chaga can be used to neutralize the side effects of pharmaceuticals, to compensate the age-related declination of our immune function, and, in general, to help us deal with abrupt stresses that negatively impact our daily functions.

Nutridom Chaga Mushroom Chunks product description 

100% all-natural, wild-harvested and hand-picked Canadian chaga

Ingredients: 100% All-natural, wild harvested and hand-picked Canadian Chaga.

Preparation:  add one piece (about the size of a chestnut), of Canadian chaga mushroon to 4-6 cups of boiled hot water. Steep for 6 hours. Keep the tea warm. Do not boil or heat the brewed mixture (tea) over 80C. Consume the tea within 3 days, and discard after 3 days.