Chaga Health Organic Chaga Elixir - 500ml
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Why we love this product

In Nordic countries, chaga mushroom has been harvested and consumed as an herbal elixir for generations. It's pure and clean, with a calming aroma.

What makes it different

This Nordic way of consuming chaga extract as an elixir provides the most potent health benefits.

Product Description

This heavily concentrated, pure form of chaga is infused with other organic, herbal ingredients. Every sip of this beverage allows you to breathe in the aroma of the Nordic forest.

Dosage: First week: take 25ml 3x daily prior to eating. Second week: take 50ml 3x daily prior to eating. Repeat this cycle every 3 months for optimal health.
  • All ingredients are Certified EU Organic.
  • Harvested from the deep Nordic forest
  • Vegan

Ingredients: Purified water, certified organic chaga mushroom extract (inonotus obliquus), certified organic aloe extract (aloe arborescens), certified organic pine bud extract (pinus sylvestris), honey, certified organic ethanol (6% vol), certified organic yarrow extract (achilea milefolium).