April Sale - Up to 35% Off!

Date: 2022-04-01

April Promos! Up to 35% Off


This is no April Fool's joke! Shop top selling brands up to 35% off this month! Valid from April 1st-30th, 2022.

Note: Promotion does not apply to bulk and foodservice formats.

Swerve Sweetener Sugar Substitutes - 35% OFF!

Sweet and smart! With ZERO calories and ZERO glycemic index, Swerve is the ideal sweetener for cooking and baking. Replace regular table sugar, brown sugar, or icing sugar witht these 1:1 substitutes. No need to adjust recipes!


NUCO Coconut Wraps & Cereal - 25% Off 

NUCO’s coconut products are the perfect substitutes for daily necessities such as cereals and bread. NUCO manufactures a variety of products made from sustainably harvested coconuts. Shop low-carb coconut wraps, perfect for sandwiches, burritos, crepes and more. Plus, your customers will love NUCO Organic Coconut Crunch Cereal, a grain-free coconut cereal with a delicious nutty taste!  


☀️20% off in April☀️


sinai new

Sinai Gourmet

Vinegar-Free Hot Sauces Made in Montreal

Step up your sauce game with these all-natural, vinegar & preservative-free hot sauces. Made from only high quality, non-GMO ingredients including hot peppers and fresh herbs, these versatile sauces can be enjoyed on anything from grilled meat, fish & vegetables to omelets, wings and appetizers.


home grown family

hOMe Grown Living Foods

Grain-Free, Vegan, Sprouted Snacks & Bake Mixes

Made from sprouted seeds and other Organic ingredients, these delicious bake mixes and snacks will have your customers completely re-thinking functional nutrition. Expertly blended and flavoured with all natural ingredients, such as fresh herbs and spices - and ZERO added sugars - these bake mixes and snacks fit into any and all kinds of diets. Grain-free, nut-free, dairy-free and egg-free. Made on Vancouver Island, B.C., Canada.




Premium Biodegradable & Compostable Paper Straws

Made from durable, food grade paper that is not only compostable, but also biodegradable, Blowholes Paper Straws are on a mission to save our precious marine life. Perfect for cafes, restaurants, food service businesses, bars, catering, and everyday at-home use. Individually wrapped and packaged in a completely recyclable kraft paper box. 


Be sure to check out our Specials page to see which products are on sale each month. Available to all LCG Foods accounts, while quantities last.