Canada’s Wholesale Health Food Supplier
LCG Foods Distribution

At LCG Foods, we connect innovative food brand owners and retailers who have a shared desire to do good for each other, and for the planet. We source the best foods in the world and bring them to markets where the gift of wholesome, natural, and nutritious food can be shared by individuals, families, and communities across Canada.

Our goal as your supplier is to provide your business with unique, health-conscious product lines that help you stand out from competitors. We provide the healthy products your customers are asking for, before you know they’re looking for them. We are not just a supplier - we’re your strategic partner that’s here to grow your business and to help you differentiate yourself from regular supermarkets and their growing health food selection. To that end, we continuously source health food products that are unique, yet easily understood by your target customers.

We stand with food innovators who dare to challenge "big food". We stand with retailers who want better products on their shelves - and in the process, turn their customers into raving, loyal fans.

We endeavor to do all this as efficiently as possible - while minimizing waste, taking care of our employees, our customers, and partners. We make a positive impact on people, communities, and the planet.

We are a proud strategic supplier for hundreds of independent grocers, health food stores, specialty retailers, and restaurants located across Canada including Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal, St. John’s and smaller communities in-between.

Our Advantage

50+ Brands


15+ Years Experience


600+ Retailers