Shipping and Returns


Order Minimums

The minimum order for free shipping is $500 across Canada except for remote destinations. On occasion, there may be a surcharge for items that require special handling.

For remote destinations, the following shipping rules will apply:

1. All orders will be discounted with a 5% shipping allowance.

2. Upon receiving your order, our team will get quotes from our various couriers and Canada Post for the cost to ship that order, based on the weight and dimensions of the boxes. We will relay the costs to you and ask if you would like to confirm or modify your order.

3. Upon confirming your order, a shipping fee equivalent to the direct courier quote (with no markup) will be added to your order.


Shipping Origin

Generally, orders for BC, Alberta, and Yukon Territories are shipped from Burnaby, BC. All other destinations are shipped from our Markham, ON location. Depending on stock availability, we may ship from either distribution centre.


Delivery Methods

Orders are usually processed and outbound within 1-3 business days of receipt. We use third-party courier or cartage/LTL delivery services. Temperature-controlled shipping can be arranged when required. Your account manager will assist to determine the most appropriate delivery method(s) for you based on ordering patterns. Please expect a reasonable and customary shipping time for products to be delivered to your destination.


Backorder Policy

We do our best to ensure that we have sufficient inventory for all of our items while keeping dates fresh. From time to time, surges in demand and/or delays in procurement can cause items to be out of stock. In these instances, our policy is typically as follows:

  • If the out-of-stock product(s) make up a significant portion of your order, our Sales Team will contact you to inform you of their estimated arrival date and ask you how you would like to proceed with your order.
  • For smaller amounts of product being out of stock, we will ship the portion of your order that is available. Backorders are normally not available in these instances. Fresh inventory is usually replenished within 1-2 weeks.
  • If any items on your order are particularly important/time-sensitive, please inform your sales rep or indicate in your order notes when placing the order online.


Return Policy

Returns are for credit only unless otherwise pre-authorized by LCG Foods. All return requests must be approved by your account manager before sending products back or destroying product. Failure to adhere to this policy may result in significant and unexpected delays and/or charges for processing your return.


Product returns must satisfy the following criteria:

  • The product must be in resalable condition
  • The product must not have price labels attached
  • Expiry date remains greater than 60 days if the product had at least 60 days shelf life when originally shipped
  • LCG Foods has been notified in advance of the intent to return
  • The product is not discontinued from our standard product offering at the time of return

Credit claims must be made within 48 hours of receipt of goods and are subject to approval. LCG Foods Distribution does not accept returns on:

  • Store inventory overstock
  • Store discontinuations
  • Store dated product received with valid best before date
  • Short ship claims after an order has been signed for and received in good condition
  • Any product that has been kept longer than 14 days

We cannot guarantee credit when consumers have made returns for a product because it does not suit their personal taste preferences. However, we are generally able to process a credit for a product that has become unfit for use (e.g. mouldy or discoloured prior to the best before date), given the following conditions:

  • The product must have been stored under appropriate conditions
  • Photographs, best before dates, and batch codes (if available) are provided, to allow us to forward them to the manufacturer for investigation


Goods Damaged/Lost in Shipping


Damage claims for products rendered unsalable during shipping must be made within 48 hours of receipt and photographs must be sent with the credit claim, as we need to be able to forward the images to our third-party carriers.

Upon receiving shipments, please perform the following inspections prior to signing off on the shipment (i.e. on the waybill):

  1. If your order arrives in parcels (cardboard boxes), count the number of boxes and check for visible damage to the boxes prior to signing off. Immediately report any incongruencies to the driver and on any paperwork they provide you and send us an email so we can follow up on our end.
    2. If your order arrives in shrink-wrapped pallets, inspect that the shrink wrap has not been unwrapped, ripped, or otherwise tampered with and that no boxes within the pallet have been damaged prior to signing off. Immediately report any incongruencies to the driver and on any paperwork they provide you and send us an email so we can follow up on our end.


Product Shelf Life Guarantee

At LCG Foods, we guarantee non-perishable/shelf-stable products will have at least 60 days shelf life unless otherwise indicated.

LCG Foods Distribution reserves the right to update the above conditions at any time.


Case Break Fee


When ordering items in less than case quantity
1. There will be a $1.00 surcharge per SKU when ordering in less than case quantity, except on the first order of a new product.
2. All items must be ordered in amounts according to the following table:


Case Size Less Than Case Amount
6 or fewer N/A
All even number cases Exactly half case
15 6
21 12