Our Services - For Brand Owners


Retail Distribution Service


With our wholesale organic food distribution service, we inventory your products in our warehouses, add them to our catalog, integrate your brand’s message into our website and send out marketing materials to our customer base. Retailers can then order your product from us, whether they order online, by fax, phone, or email.

We will work with you to develop marketing materials and incorporate your products into our marketing. For example, our sales staff can actively promote your product through cold calling, routine calls to existing clients, and product demonstrations. We also exhibit at trade shows annually and you can acquire space at these booths at a fraction of the cost of a full booth.


Web Order Fulfillment Service


For brand owners who wish to sell direct to consumers online – but are challenged by any of the following:

  • Limited technical knowledge
  • No experience with web-based commerce
  • Unable to commit to a dedicated commercial/warehouse space
  • No operations staff
  • Insufficient sales volume to benefit from courier shipping discounts

With our Web Order Fulfillment Service, we provide a cost-effective solution to help brand owners address all the above challenges.

  • Deep in-house technical expertise
  • Significant experience with web-based commerce, performing millions in online sales fulfillment annually
  • Utilize a fraction of a full-time employee – cost-sharing with other brand owners
  • Leverage our existing pre-negotiated and heavily discounted courier/shipping contracts
  • Shipment receiving, palletization, and forklift service

We have a number of significant references and success stories and would be pleased to share them with you. With this service, health food brand owners can focus on what they do best – build their brands. We help you take care of the rest.


New Vendor Listing Process


Thank you for your interest in working with LCG Foods Distribution to distribute your products. We currently help over 400 independent health food retailers across Canada stand out from their competition with our unique, health-conscious product lines. Welcoming exciting new brands to the LCG Foods family is an important part of our company’s growth and continued success.

Our new brand review process involves several stages and happens once per month.

  1. First, we gather your contact information through the form below, and a member of our team will reach out to you with a document to gather your company and product information. We will also ask you to send in an electronic sell sheet.
  2. If we feel that there’s a potential fit from the information provided, we will ask you to fill out two more documents that provide more detail about your product specifications and your marketing plans.
  3. After having received all three forms, we have an internal team meeting once at the end of each month.
  4. We'll contact selected brands to schedule a meeting to discuss this in further detail. This can be done over the phone or in-person at our head office, which is in the Toronto area.

If we find after our meeting that there is a good fit, we’ll collaborate on a marketing plan to bring your products into our distribution system.


To begin the listing process, please fill out the form below:

Please only complete this form if you have a product that you would like us to distribute. Once completed, we will contact you to gather more information.

If you wish to buy our products, please click here instead.