Happy New Year! Up to 30% Off

Date: 2022-01-01

Happy New Year!

Shop Up To 30% Off 

Stock up on healthy comfort foods for the New Year! 

Note: Promotions do not apply to bulk and foodservice formats.

2022 January Brands 25-30% Off 


Sugar-Free Sweeteners and Chocolate Chips

hOMe Grown Living Foods

Bake Mixes, Trail Mix, Nuts, and Seeds

Swerve Sweetener

All Natural 1:1 Sugar Substitute


Coconut Crunch Cereal & Organic Coconut Wraps


2022 January Brands 15-20% Off 


Keto-Friendly Pizza, Pancake & Baking Mixes 

Love Good Fats 

Chewy Nutty & Truffle Bars


January Brands 10-15% Off 


 Miracle Noodle

Bone Broths, Konjac Noodles & Ready-to-Eat Meals 

NEW! Palmini

Hearts of Palm Pasta & Mashed Potato Alternatives


Nick's Sticks

100% Grass-Fed Beef Jerky Sticks




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