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We’ll add a little spice to your life!


Big flavours and heat you can really feel! Hot sauces, seasoning spices, and barbecue sauces are essential products for every kitchen, and with the wide variety available on store shelves, you need something really unique and special in your store to grab interest and tickle your customers' taste buds. Say hello to Hot Mamas, makers of premium hot sauces, seasonings, and Crazy Mooskies barbecue sauces made from only the best ingredients and crafted to suit a wide range of healthy lifestyles and dietary needs. Hot Mamas products are ideal for diabetics, low carb dieters, keto dieters, and anyone who is moderating their salt and sugar intake.


All Hot Mamas products are made from traditional family recipes and authentic ingredients, including peppers sourced directly from Jamaica! Offer your customers the finest hot sauces & seasonings from Hot Mamas and the delectable flavours of Crazy Mooskies barbecue sauces & you'll see them coming back time and time again!



Hot Mamas - Fast Facts

Your name:  Sue Plumbohm


Year the company was started:  2005


Company brand tagline: We’ll add a little spice to your life!


Where are the products made: Orillia, Ontario


What is the ‘key ingredient’ that makes your product line special? 

Our spicy pepper jellies and sauces are made with Scotch bonnet peppers directly imported weekly from Jamaica. Savoury pepper with slow delayed heat for everyone to enjoy.




Interview with Sue Plumbohm, President of Hot Mamas

LCG Foods sat down with Hot Mamas President, Sue Plumbohm, and asked her some questions to better understand the brand's vision, core values, and other topics that we thought potential retail partners would want to know.


What motivated you to start your company and create the products that we see today? 

Our pepper jellies were family staples. Our recipes come from our Grandma and Mom from Jamaica, and there is nothing else like them on the market. Our No-Salt Seasonings and Rubs and Crazy Mooskies No-Added Sugar BBQ Sauces are great for those watching their sodium intake, for diabetics, and those on Keto and Low Carb diets.


What are your company’s core values?

Small batches produce the best products. Great care is taken to make sure everything is done according to our strict standards. We strive to produce great tasting, healthy products with a simple collection of the most wholesome ingredients.


If you could tell a retailer three things about what makes your brand different, what would they be?

a. No-salt seasonings 

b. Gluten free 

c. Crazy Mooskies No Added Sugar BBQ Sauces. The first BBQ sauce in Canada made with Stevia!

What are some of the challenges that you've overcome to bring your business to its current state?

Not really challenges. Enjoy product recipe creation and marketing of our products. Challenges are getting into large retailers

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Playing Golf & Boating




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Why LCG Foods?

If you own or manage a health food store, you know it’s hard work to maintain a successful business. From developing customer loyalty, to managing costs, to staying competitive with the big grocery store down the street, we get that you want your suppliers to work as hard as you do.


At LCG Foods Distribution, we carefully curate a lean wholesale catalog of only the hottest natural food products, with new product launches every few weeks. Whether your store values organic, non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free, or keto, we have the products your customers are looking for, before they know they’re looking for them.


We offer straightforward, no-nonsense pricing, and ordering can be done easily online, by email, or over the phone with your account manager. All orders are processed on-demand from our distribution centres in Ontario and British Columbia, with Canada-wide service.


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