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Eating Reborn


Inspired by the desire to eat better and revolutionize the use of 'raw' ingredients, Rawnata is leading the way in raw food with seed-based crackers and snacks that are rich in nutrients and Omega-3's. Learn more about the story of Rawnata, a proudly Canadian, family-owned business committed to helping people achieve better quality of health through all-natural ingredients.



Rawnata - Fast Facts

Your name:  Natalie Dueck


Year the company was started:  2012


Company brand tagline: Eating Reborn


Where are the products made: New Bothwell, Manitoba


What is the ‘key ingredient’ that makes your product line special? 

Seeds rich in Omega 3's

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Interview with Natalie Dueck, President of Rawnata

LCG Foods sat down with Rawnata's President, Natalie Dueck, and asked her some questions to better understand the brand's vision, core values, and other topics that we thought potential retail partners would want to know. 


What motivated you to start your company and create the products that we see today? 

I was motivated to start my company out of a desire to provide high quality, nutrient-dense snacks rich in Omega 3's, protein, and fibre. My own health was greatly improved when I began to eat better, and so I wanted to share some of what I'd learned with other people on a similar journey. I want people to be able to live longer and to feel better, and by providing healthy snacks, I can help to make that happen.


What are your company’s core values?

We believe that changing what you eat can change YOU!- and that's why our company name is coined from the Latin word "renata", which means "reborn". We use simple, functional, primarily organic and/or local ingredients, most notably flax and hemp hearts, because of their amazing nutritional benefits.


If you could tell a retailer three things about what makes your brand different, what would they be?

a. We are proud to be Canadian 

b. No eggs, dairy, nuts, flour, or soy 

c. Crunchy seed-based raw energy bars and crackers


What are some of the challenges that you've overcome to bring your busienss to its current state?

a. Creating a new market for our crunchy hemp-based bars 

b. Being a mother of 8 children has posed many challenges for starting and operating this business 

c. Lack of capital 

d. Lack of direction


What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Outside of work, I enjoy hanging out with my family, reading, and making the occasional quilt.


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Why LCG Foods?

If you own or manage a health food store, you know it’s hard work to maintain a successful business. From developing customer loyalty, to managing costs, to staying competitive with the big grocery store down the street, we get that you want your suppliers to work as hard as you do.


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We offer straightforward, no-nonsense pricing, and ordering can be done easily online, by email, or over the phone with your account manager. All orders are processed on-demand from our distribution centres in Ontario and British Columbia, with Canada-wide service.


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