Canadian Naturals Chaga Mushroom Tea Grind
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Why we love Nutridom Chaga Mushroom Tea Grind

Boosts immune system against diseases and infections!

What makes Nutridom Chaga Mushroom Tea Grind different

The immune system classifies Chaga as an adaptogenic Biological Response Modifier (BRM); not only it stimulates the body's immune function when necessary but can also slow it down when it's overactive.

Nutridom Chaga Mushroom Tea Grind product description 

100% All-natural, wild-harvested and hand-picked Canadian chaga.

Ingredients: 100% All-natural, wild harvested and hand-picked Canadian Chaga.

Preparation:  Infuse a teaspoon of Chaga (3g) in a cup of hot water (250 ml) for 4 to 6 minutes.